Leadership in action

Leadership in action

Brunskill, Donna

Our newly revised code of ethics gives us a clear blueprint for nursing leadership in action. I encourage you, especially given the high probability of a provincial fall election to reflect on the profound statement of values that we have collectively agreed upon. Many registered nurses and nursing resources are stretched beyond any level of elasticity. It is time to speak up and speak out for change.

Our code of ethics calls on each of us, as registered nurses, to advocate for changes to policy, legislation or regulations in concert with other colleagues when there is a concern that directives are unethical (contrary to accepted values). Further, our code of ethics indicates that, as registered nurses we MUST advocate, to the extent possible, for sufficient human and material resources to provide safe and competent care.

Nurses provide voice for those who are isolated, vulnerable or forgotten.

With a provincial election in the offing, we must speak clearly about the need for a health system that:

* values health and not simply health care,

* values equity and does not see user fees as a solution,

* values the need for registered nurses to be part of the health team (i.e., a health system that educates at least 400 registered nurses a year in Saskatchewan), and

* values primary health care and community development and not simply primary care.

Whether you are a nursing student, retired or a practising RN, I encourage you to become involved in our policy in action campaign described in this issue. It is part of your ethical professional responsibility.

Together, within a community, we will move forward.

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