In Prince Albert: It’s just hair

In Prince Albert: It’s just hair

Long, Sheila

‘It’s just hair, it’ll grow back’. These are the words Tannice Thompson, RN, a chemotherapy nurse said when she pledged to shave her head to raise money to buy an electric bed for the chemotherapy outreach center at the Victoria Hospital in Prince Albert. Tannice had already raised $25,000 from community donations to initially furnish the room in 1999. The last thing needed to complete the room was an electric bed which would replace a very old stretcher. She needed to raise $9,000. People were awed by her generous act. Her reward would be seeing her cancer patients in the new bed. In the end, she raised over $31,000.

Her husband and brother, who work at the local Weyerhaueser pulp and paper mill solicited corporate and personal donations. Her mother and sister raised money through friends and their workplaces. The local legion pledged to buy a second bed. The husband of a patient who died at the center gathered over $2,000 in memorial donations. Even though his wife didn’t get to use the bed he did his part to make sure others would.

The fundraising took place over six weeks. At a hospital fundraising dance, May 13, 1999, in front of 350 people, Tannice’s hair was shaved off. Her family and friends were there to support and congratulate her. As a result of Tannice’s selfless act, two electric beds and a leather recliner were bought. A huge thank you to Tannice – you are an inspiration to all of us.

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