Mind over menstruation

Mind over menstruation

Karen Asp

If you’re not pregnant but have stopped menstruating, see your doctor to rule out medical problems. If you have none, hypnosis or cognitive behavior therapy may help your periods restart. Researchers at Emory University in Atlanta recruited 16 women whose failure to menstruate (amenorrhea) appeared to be linked to lifestyle issues. Half of the women completed 16 therapy sessions to overcome psychological as well as “energy stress,” such as overexercising, undereating or eating an unbalanced diet. The rest were observed for six months and then received counseling. Six who underwent the cognitive therapy began menstruating again, compared with one in the other group.

In another study, after one hypnosis session, nine of 12 women with amenorrhea began menstruating within 12 weeks. “Stress suppresses brain signals to the ovaries, making ovulation unlikely,” says researcher Sarah L. Berga, M.D., a professor of gynecology and obstetrics.

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