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Allison Gordon

Running with a group of people, whether competitively or recreationally, has rules that are surprisingly applicable to life in general. Here are eight tips that will get you to the finish line on the road, at work or in your personal relationships.

1. Don’t step on anyone’s toes. Sure, you want to maintain your momentum and pace, but don’t elbow anyone to get ahead or clip the back of her heels. You’ll be booed at the finish line.

2. Don’t look back until you’ve passed the finish line. The small movement required wastes energy. Unless you recognize a friend’s cry, don’t look back, even if you hear someone fall. This may sound harsh, but there is always someone behind to help.

3. Don’t fear the future. Instead of dreading the miles ahead of you, recognize that they must be covered. Take it one mile at a time.

4. Ignore others’ complaints or boasts. Remember that each runner has her own individual strategy, pace and style; don’t let others’ difficulties or triumphs slow you down.

5. Take cheers personally. Even when not meant for you, seve of encouragement as motivation. Get and accept support wherever you can.

6. Motivate and support others. Cheering those who are struggling – even when you’re in pain or doubting your ability – can be self-empowering. These people may in turn motivate you in the miles ahead.

7. Mind your manners. Do what you must to keep moving, but be aware and respectful of others around you. Smile at spectators, thank the volunteers calling out the mile markers, and say “excuse me” to people you accidentally nudge or need to cut in front of.

8. Stay on track. Weaving in and out of a crowded course wastes time and energy. If there’s a slower person in front of you, just follow him; he will eventually move. Staying on track will get you to the finish faster.

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