Alcohol consumption and obesity in Spain

Alcohol consumption and obesity in Spain – adapted from the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, February 1995

The body weights of alcoholics tend to be lower than those of people who are not addicted to alcohol. However, the relationship between alcohol consumption and body weight in the general population of more moderate drinkers is not well understood. This study, from the Spanish Ministry of Health and the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, investigated the relationship between alcohol intake and obesity in the respondents to a Spanish national health survey.

Information on alcohol consumption and self-reported height and weight were obtained from 10,645 men and 11,193 women interviewed in 1987. Among men, the risk of obesity increased with increasing total alcohol intake; the positive trend was statistically significant. Among women, the opposite effect was observed: the risk of obesity decreased significantly as the amount of alcohol consumption increased.

This study confirms other evidence suggesting that the relationship between alcohol intake and obesity is different in the two sexes.

Juan L Gutierrez-Fisac, Fernando Rodriguez-Artalejo, Carmen Rodriguez-Blas, and Juan del Rey-Calero, Alcohol Consumption and Obesity in the Adult Population of Spain, J Epidemiology & Community Health 49(l):108-109 (Feb 1995) [Correspondence: Dr JL Gutierrez-Fisac, Dept of Epidemiology, Ministry of Health, Paseo del Prado 18-20, 28071 Madrid, Spain]

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