Describing a specialist

Describing a specialist

Cohen, Michael R

Medication Errors


In order to expand and share its knowledge of safety practices, the Institute for Safe Medication Practices sponsored a medication safety contest. The winning entry in the category Job Description for a Medication Safety Practitioner went to Covenant Health Systems in Lubbock, Tex., for its position, “nurse specialist, medication administration,” which entails:

* assessing, coordinating, and providing patient care related to specialty

* conducting opportunities for staff development and patient education regarding safe medication practices

* serving as a resource to staff, patients, and other health care providers

* conducting studies, reviewing literature, and disseminating information to others.

Advocate for this type of specialty in your facility and read more about its functions at Tools/CovenantlobDesc.html.

This column describes medication errors and discusses how they could have been avoided. The author is president of the Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP), a nonprofit organization that derives its reports from the USP Medication Errors Reporting Program (USPMERP). To report medication errors, call the USP at 1-800-23-ERROR (233-7767). You can reach the ISMP at 215-947-7797 or via E-mail at

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