Wound dressing practices–a study

Wound dressing practices–a study

Mall, Florence John

The present study was conducted to assess the level of knowledge and skill regarding wound dressing practices among the Nurses of selected wards in Christian Medical College and Hospital Ludhiana.

This research project under the guidance of Mrs. Florence John Mall was taken by B.Sc. (N) Interns of CMC Hospital, Ludhiana in 1999.


1. To assess the level of knowledge and skills regarding wound dressing practices in terms of (a) Hand washing (b) Wearing gloves (c) Technique of dressing (d) Observation of wound infection and wound healing (e) Types of wound and wound dressing (f) Medicine and diet

2. To assess the level of skill regarding wound dressing practices.

3. To compare the level of knowledge regarding wound dressing practices among Nurses according to: (a) Professional experience (b) Surgical Ward experience (c) Type of training (d) Area of work


1. Basic education prepares B.Sc. GNM and ANM Nurses to take care of wounds and attain basic knowledge which helps them to develop basic skills.

2. The Nurses who are having more years of experience improve their knowledge and skill.

A view of related literature helped the investigators to understand the problem aspects, determine methodology, develop the framework and tool for the purpose of the study. It was decided to form the study on ‘Nurses’ community.

Knowledge and skill relationship provided the basis for study. The independent variables related to the study were years of experience, surgical ward experience, professional qualification and area of work.

The dependent variables are the knowledge and skills of Nurses regarding wound dressing.

The data collection instrument was questionnaire consisting of 34 questions and checklist comprising of 36 questions. Total score was 34 and 36 respectively.

The study was conducted in Christian Medical College & Hospital, Ludhiana in the month of April 1999. A purposive sampling technique was used. A total of 30 subjects were taken for the purpose of study. The data was analysed by using mean, standard deviation and ‘t’ value. Bar diagrams were used to depict relevant data.


The major findings of the study according to level of knowledge are as follows:

1. GNM Nurses have more knowledge than ANM Nurses regarding wound dressing. The knowledge of the B.Sc. Nurses are statistically non- significant.

2. Respondents having 0-9 years of experience have more knowledge than the other subjects.

3. Nurses working in Neuro surgical ward have more knowledge regarding wound dressing than the Nurses working in ICU.

The major findings of the study regarding skill are as follows:

1. The B.Sc. Nurses are more skilful in performing aseptic wound dressing than the GNM and ANM Nurses.

2. The Nurses who have more years of experience are more skilful but statistically, the values are non-significant. And the Nurses who have more years of surgical ward experience are more skilful.


1. The present study intended to assess the knowledge and skill of Nurses regarding wound dressing practice in selected wards of Christian Medical College & Hospital, Ludhiana. The findings showed that the knowledge regarding wound dressing is inadequate for Nurses. Hence, improvement is needed.

2. The GNM and ANM Nurses need to improve their skill for performing aseptic wound dressing by updating their knowledge.


1. The study can be conducted on large number of subjects.

2. The study can be replicated over different hospitals, community health centre to correlate and validate the findings.

3. Tool can be developed and further modified for the effective evaluation of aseptic wound dressing practices.


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Florence John Mall, Lovely & T. Mini

Authors: Christian Medical College & Hospital, Ludhiana

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