Rubber flooring – Product Spotlight – from Estrie Products International

Rubber flooring – Product Spotlight – from Estrie Products International – Brief Article

Estrie Products International has launched a number of additions to its Marathon Classic lines of rubber flooring. In the benchmark Round & City Square lines, a selection of 25 colors delivers new floor design possibilities from the traditional round and square profiles. Nine flagship colors are also available as part of the Estrie Guaranteed Mill-Stock Program, ensuring that product is available to ship immediately. These tiles offer excellent abrasion resistance, reducing noise, impact, and injuries in high-traffic applications.

A new palette of 19 colors was also introduced for the Desert Stone line. Desert Stone is ideal for demanding rolling-traffic areas, offering low-noise characteristics.

Additionally, Estrie has introduced its Lakeland Slate line of rubber flooring–created to imitate a natural slate finish–to the Marathon Classic line, in 20 nature-inspired colors.

All three tile collections are available in Lazer Cut 17-13/16″ and 35-11/16″ square sizes. A complete selection of coordinated accessories rounds out each line.

Estrie has also announced new color selections for its Marathon Oasis rolled rubber flooring line, now featuring 32 colors, including the Oasis Complements series of 8 softer tone-on-tone patterns. Joining the line is Oasis~Protech Cove, which creates a puncture-resistant sanitary barrier at the walls when heat- or chemically welded. It is impervious to moisture, dirt, and bacterial and fungal contamination. An eco-compatible product, Marathon Oasis contains no harmful asbestos, cadmium, CFCs, formaldehyde, halogens, or PVCs. It features a dense rubber formulation, providing sound absorption and chemical and solvent resistance.


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