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The revised Resident Assessment Instrument-Instruction Manual MDS Version 2.0 2002 Edition from MED*PASS, Inc., has the most current guidelines and references to accurately complete each section of the MDS, develop comprehensive care plans, and receive the optimal rate of reimbursement. In addition to MDS 2.0 item-by-item instructions, Resident Assessment Protocols and Trigger Guidelines, and information on how to link the MDS and RAPs to the care plan, there are Q&As released by CMS over the past 6 to 7 years, greater clarification of troublesome sections G (ADLs) and M (skin condition), and instructions for the new MPAP and Swing Bed forms.

Also available is Nursing Facility Quality Measures: Strategies for Successful Performance, produced in conjunction with the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists. This publication provides a comprehensive look at the QMs and multidisciplinary strategies for improving them. Section One contains an Introduction! Overview of QMs, a Primer on QMs and Qls, the Role of Quality Assessment and Assurance Committees, and the QMs and Public Relations (a bonus section provided by the American College of Health Care Administrators). In Section Two a chapter is devoted to each QM, covering the background information on the QM, how the QM is calculated, what MDS elements are used for calculations, how MDS accuracy can impact the QM, and clinical strategies for improving the QM. Section Three/Appendices has related references, forms, principles of continuous quality improvement, and a list of Medicare quality improvement organizations. Special discount prices for members of the American Association of Nurse Assessment Coordinators are available.

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