Pressure-relieving mattress system

Pressure-relieving mattress system – Product Spotlight

The HBR 1150 Multi-Zone Relief pressure-re Healthcare Co., Inc., provides comfort, support, and pressure relief in four zones: Top Layer; Middle Layer, Heel Area, and Bottom Layer. Si derails constructed of dense foam around the edges of the mattress give the resident security and support getting in and out of bed. An interior flap reduces the possibility of contamination with a Barrier Stop. The bottom of the cover is a triple-laminate vinyl that is fluid resistant, antimicrobial, ahtibacterial, and fire-retardant. The zippered mattress can be easily replaced if necessary.

The weight capacity for the HBR 1150 is 300 lbs. Standard mattress sizes are 36 x 80″ x 6″ and 36″ x 84″ x 6″. Custom sizes are available, These units have a 10 year, nonprorated warranty.


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