Laundry system

Laundry system – Product Spotlight

The new MicroMaster[TM] washer-extractor from Speed Queen, comes in sizes ranging from 20 through 125 lbs and partners them with tumblers in capacities of 25 to 170 lbs.

MicroMaster washer-extractors and tumblers have a wide variety of fabric-care options, including 30 cycles with 11 steps per cycle. The tumblers are equipped with an automatic drying cycle or a time-dry option. These options maximize efficiency with faster processing times.

The washers, cabinet and tubs are constructed of durable, nonabrasive stainless steel, which contributes to longer fabric life. The all-belt drives on the tumblers reduce noise substantially. Both washer-extractors and tumblers come with a three-year limited warranty.


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