Disposable sling – Product Spotlight

Disposable sling – Product Spotlight – Brief Article

Liko introduces its disposable Solo sling with reinforcing straps. Because they are disposable, these maintenance-free slings eliminate the potential for cross-contamination. The sling is reinforced so that if the fabric breaks, the straps will hold the resident to prevent falling.

This Liko lift accessory provides a safe, risk-free way to care for residents in facilities where infection control is a critical issue. Once a sling becomes contaminated through single-resident use, it may be discarded using the standard solid-waste stream or, if a specific organism dictates, it may be handled through infectious-waste channels.

With a maximum capacity of 440 lbs, the slings can be used multiple times as long as they do not get wet. They have a “no wash” label that, when wet, sloughs off to reveal another label that indicates “do not re-use.” Solo slings are available in High Back and Octo Sheet styles.


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