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Dragon Naturally Speaking(TM) Deluxe. Dragon Systems, Inc. 320 Nevada St, Newton, MA 02160. Phone: 617-965-5200; e-mail:; web:

Dragon NaturallySpeaking(TM), is a continuous speech recognition software program. It was the world’s first large vocabulary (230,000 word total vocabulary and 30,000 active vocabulary) continuous speech recognition product for general purpose use. The user can dictate words continuously, without having to pause between words. You can add more than 50,000 new words, so you can adapt it to words used often in nursing.

The program allows users to spell words naturally, without having to use a special alphabet. The Deluxe Edition allows for multiple users, has extensive macro capabilities, and text-to-speech capabilities so the program can read back text to you.

DragonDictate includes control of the mouse by voice. You can voice activate functions such as saving, moving, blocking, deleting, and even formatting text. It works with virtually any Windows application and even supports the use in Microsoft Word, Corel, WordPerfect, Ami Pro and others.

The program, which includes a highquality microphone, was easy to install. It includes a tutorial to show you how to place the microphone headset for best results and how to dictate and correct words.

One unique aspect of word correction is that you can select to save the word-training dictation session or not. For example, when I dictated a quick email to my mother and there were a few words in it that the program did not hear correctly, I did not correct them. (The program is quite accurate, but no dictation program is 100% perfect, yet.) Yet, the program did not learn the wrong words, because I told it not to update the word recognition files from that session.

I especially like the human touch to some of the commands such as: “Copy That,” “Scratch That,” “Go to Sleep” (microphone off), and my favorite, “Wake Up” (microphone on). Check with the company on hardware (sound card) and software (RAM) specifications.

Nurse authors and editors can use this program to write, edit, and even format reports and manuscripts. You will have fun, and be productive, with this program!-Suzanne Hall Johnson, MN, RN,C, CNS; Editor, Nurse, Author & Editor.

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