Bush Leaguer?

President Bush said in his campaign that he wanted bipartisanship (“A New Beginning,” 1/15/01). Most people got the idea that he was going to have Cabinet members who were not as deep into the right wing as he is. Then he told Senate Democrats to vote for Attorney General Ashcroft’s confirmation in the spirit of bipartisanship. I am now getting the impression that bipartisanship for Bush is having the Democrats agree to what the Republicans want. Would Bush ever think of heading a little bit toward the left? No way!

NATE ERSKINE Paxton, Mass.

President Bush wants to have tax cuts. He says if you work for your money, it’s your money and you should keep it, not the government. If this goes through, the people of the United States should be happy. When Bush was in high school he was a cheerleader, which helps him in being a good communicator and a “people person.” At his inauguration, Bush swore to help our country. He will use his power to the best of his ability to do just that.

CHRIS BARBER Madisonville, Ky.

The new President really hasn’t been in politics very long; he should still be in the minor leagues. Bush, I have no doubt, is a good guy at heart, but he was the cause of over 100 deaths in Texas, and some of those people may have been wrongly convicted.

LAURA BEARL Greenville, S.C.

How cool it is to finally read a magazine with articles about real politics. It seems that in other publications, the social and personal lives of the Presidents are talked about more than what they are actually going to do during their presidency. Don’t get me wrong; it is interesting to know about your leaders’ family lives–and to get a good laugh out of them. But that shouldn’t make up the overriding majority of articles. In the January 15 UPFRONT, it was really nice to see you had a combination of both.


Equality at Lunch

I was disturbed by your findings on race (“The Great Divide,” 2/5/01). I would think that by high school, kids would mature and accept everyone as an equal. Where I live I see none of these problems. I sit at a lunch table with about five other races, and we enjoy each other’s company very much.


The Court Was Right

The decision the U.S. Supreme Court reached on the election was a logical one. It would have been impossible to get a final result from counting by hand.


A hand count would not only be time-consuming, but it might not even yield reliable results. Who can say with absolute certainty what constitutes a vote when there are dimples, pregnancies, and hangings?

ZAAHIRA WYNE Fredericksburg, Va.

Our Cheating Ways

The percentage of teens who have cheated on exams is outrageous (“Truth or Consequences,” 1/1/01). What has our society come to that we can’t take a book home to study instead of writing the answers on the palm of our hand?

LEAH CANDEE West Bend, Wisc.

Don’t Monkey With Fish

I was thoroughly disgusted by “Monkey+Fish=?” (News and Trends, 2/19/01). Why do we need a green glowing monkey? It makes no sense. If they are trying to alter monkeys this way, what will they do to humans next?


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