Handbook of Dialysis

Handbook of Dialysis

Debra Castner

Handbook of Dialysis John T. Daugirdas, Peter G. Blake, and Todd S. Ing Third Edition, 2001 Lippincoth Williams, & Wilkins 530 Walnut Street Philadelphia, PA 19106 www.lww.com ISBN 0316173819 734 pages, soft cover, $39.95

I have used this very useful, concise guide, Handbook of Dialysis, since the first edition. It remains a genuine “need to have” reference for nurses, technicians, physicians, and others in nephrology care. It covers topics from initiation of dialysis modality to ethical issues and nutrition.

This edition has the addition of Dr. Peter G. Blake, an authority on peritoneal dialysis from Canada, as a new editor. This edition includes completely revised peritoneal dialysis and acute hemodialysis sections, and the incorporation of DOQI Guidelines in the hemodialysis and vascular access chapters. Chapters have been reduced and combined (from 44 to 39 chapters), which makes for a more concise and easy-to-use handbook. The end of each chapter continues to have suggested readings and has been expanded to include Internet references. The appendix has been broadened with algorithms for Kt/V modeling calculations in addition to the classic conversion formulas of previous editions. These extras have been added; yet the text contains the same print and page size as the second edition. The quality and readability of the print and graphics are clearer than the last edition. The only downside of this handbook is the already dated information regarding use of thrombolytics with references to urokinase and streptokinase, which is unavoidable with the fast-paced changes seen in nephrology.

I recommend this book to all inpatient and outpatient dialysis providers. It continues to be an excellent, easy-to-use reference for the new or seasoned practitioner.

Debra Castner, MSN, RN, APN-C, CNN

Advanced Practice Nurse

Ocean Renal Associates

Toms River, NJ

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