Your helpful advice: reader responses to previous questions – Readers Helping Readers

Your helpful advice: reader responses to previous questions – Readers Helping Readers – Brief Article

Relief for Tired Eyes

LEO TAN asked via Internet for ways to relieve his tired, red eyes.

CARLA AVRUSKIN, O.D., responded via Internet: You may have dry eye syndrome, exacerbated by computer use and contact lenses. Computers generate heat, dehumidifying the air, and you blink less when you concentrate on work. Blink more and take frequent breaks.

LOU ANN BRUCK responded via Internet: A lavender eye compress will constrict the swollen blood vessels in your eyes. Place a drop or two of lavender essential oil (Lavandula angustifolia) on a cold, wet cloth and place it on your closed eyelids for a few minutes; do not put oil directly on eyes.

Alternatives to Hysterectomy

ELAINE ANDERSON from Ebro, Fla., wrote in because her daughter doesn’t want a hysterectomy to treat her painful ovulation called mittelschmerz.

CYNTHIA SHAW from Southampton, Mass., responded: I finally found a gynecologist who suggested black cohosh (Cimicifuga racemosa) and acupuncture to treat my mittelschmerz. Thankfully, they both worked. If your daughter’s doctor is so quick to suggest surgery, find a new doctor.

KATHERINE JOHNSON from Plano, Texas, responded: Like menstrual cramping, mittelschmerz can be eased by identifying vitamin deficiencies. I recommend Marilyn M. Shannon’s Fertility Cycles and Nutrition (Couple to Couple League, 1996).

Stop the Ear Ringing

ELAINE BLUESTEIN wrote via Internet asking for advice about tinnitus.

JAMES SEMIVAN from Alexandria, Va., responded: My tinnitus was due to temporomandibular joint syndrome (TMJ), which a dentist treated me for. The American Tinnitus Association,, can also help.

Note: Please don’t substitute advice on this page for medical care. See a doctor if you’re sick.

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