Should vaccines be required? – Backtalk

Should vaccines be required? – Backtalk – Brief Article

In October/November’s Backtalk in News and Notes, we asked if you thought parents should have to vaccinate their kids. The resounding response was no. Here’s what you said.

Four, and Going Strong

My choice not to vaccinate my 4-year-old daughter is perhaps the best decision I’ve made about her health. Her immune system is better than those of any of her friends and classmates.

Debbie Ramos

Palm Desert, Calif., via email

Do Your Homework

Parents should be allowed to research the risk factors of each recommended immunization, so they can determine if the benefits outweigh the risks or vice versa.

Rodney Nagel, D.C.

Saginaw, Mich.

Explore Your Options

Parents should have a choice. Whether Western medicine practitioners admit it or not, there are natural ways to boost immunity, like homeopathy.

Kim Ganzer-Wiley

Minneapolis, Minn., via email

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