Extraordinary olive oil: flavored oils give your favorite foods a boost – Cooking & Nutrition Tips

Extraordinary olive oil: flavored oils give your favorite foods a boost – Cooking & Nutrition Tips – Brief Article

Cheryl Redmond

USING OLIVE OIL THAT HAS BEEN INFUSED WITH herbs or other seasonings is a quick way to add layers of flavor to a meal, and it’s a healthier alternative to butter on vegetables, bread, or rice.

Most flavored oils contain citric or phosphoric acid to discourage the growth of bacteria, particularly Clostridium botulinum, which produces the botulism toxin. If you use oils without one of these preservatives, refrigerate them and use them within a couple of weeks. You can buy flavored oils at specialty shops, natural food stores, and supermarkets. Try these five:


CITRUS OILS These are made from olives crushed with the peels of

lemons, oranges, or grapefruits. They’re different

from the pure citrus oils used in baking.

GARLIC OILS Oil may be infused with roasted or unroasted garlic.

The former has a mellower, nutty garlic flavor and

the latter is more pungent.

HERBAL OILS Basil is a popular partner for olive oil. But you’ll

also find oils infused with cilantro, dill, oregano,

rosemary, and tarragon, or herb blends.

SPICE AND These oils are made with dried ingredients like

CHILE OILS chile peppers, pepper-corns, or saffron. Some have

canola or grape seed oil as their base.

TRUFFLE Most are infused with white truffles, which have a

OILS more subtle flavorthan black truffles. Porcini

mushrooms are also used to flavor oil.


CITRUS OILS Add a splash to vegetables–lemon oil is great with

artichokes–or use on green salads or broiled fish.

GARLIC OILS Dip bread into them, brush them onto bruschetta,

toss with pasta, or use in Caesar salad dressing.


Pair herb oils with dishes as you would herbs. Use on

beans, drizzle onto pizza, or spoon a little on soups.

SPICE AND Use peppery oils for stir-fries, or brush on shrimp or

CHILE OILS corn before grilling. Pair saffron oil with rice dishes.

TRUFFLE Add to simple foods like mashed potatoes so the flavor

OILS of the oil stands out. Drizzle on pasta or risotto.

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