Can prayer heal? – Poll Results

Can prayer heal? – Poll Results – Brief Article

IN SEPTEMBER’S BACKTALK IN NEWS & Notes, we asked if you thought prayers can help heal a person and whether doctors should prescribe prayer. You had this to say:


“Ask yourself if it’s possible to have a control group for prayer, let alone a double-blind study. A positive attitude may help heal, but it’s dangerous to imply that prayer is good for anything beyond peace of mind.”

Vincent M. Wales

Citrus Heights, Calif., via email


“I’m not religious, but I know that taking the time to focus your thoughts for the good of someone who is sick does help change the direction of a person’s illness.”

Isabel DeBlanc

Austin, Texas, via email


“The real healing comes from the heartfelt intent that drives a person to pray. A prescription for prayer defeats the purpose.”

Char Schwobel

Portland, Ore.

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