Anna Ford: how I fared – Success Story

Anna Ford: how I fared – Success Story – Brief Article

Anna Ford

All year long I’ve been doing each installment of the Total Wellness program a few months in advance so I can share my experiences with you, This month is a little tricky, because the holidays were still weeks away when I received this installment. However, last year when I started the program, the holidays had just arrived, so I can share how I put several of its healthy habits into use then. I also read the program to see what I could learn for this year.

Many tips from this month’s program I already do. I write dates in my calendar and plan accordingly, and I create a holiday budget. My family also does a gift swap. We put all our names in a hat, and we each pick one name and buy gifts for just that person. It’s great. We’re not so stressed anymore, trying to find the time–and money–to shop for everyone. And it’s fun buying for someone new each year, almost like you get to know that person better by thinking about him or her in a special way as you decide on a gift.

Unlike some people, I like the excitement of running around crowded malls when they are decorated for the holidays. However, one of my bad habits used to be eating fast food at the mall. So last year, I decided to eat a healthy, filling meal before heading out to shop–no more fast food cravings!

Last Christmas I also asked my mother, who loves to spoil me with candy and treats, not to buy them. At first she was disappointed, but after I explained the program to her, she was more supportive and even bought extra vegetables for me. This year I’m going to use the party tips to stay on track while at nonfamily functions,

Have a safe and happy holiday.

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