A Big New Free Happy Unusual Life.

A Big New Free Happy Unusual Life. – book review

Libby Ellis


If you often feel tired and out of touch with your creative self, this book is for you. Practicing these simple 10-minute exercises that include singing and dancing can help you tap your creativity and energy, according to Wise, who’s been teaching life-changing workshops for 30 years. One of my favorite chapters, “Something in the Way We Move,” intersperses brief meditations with novel exercises that will get your whole body moving unselfconsciously. The instructions for “hand dancing,” for example, tell you to let your hands move however they want to move–flying, fluttering, shimmering. “Even a moment of hand dancing has a profound effect,” Wise writes. “For that moment, we have been … hula dancing on a beach … have entered a holy place … have given our hearts and our minds respite.” You can skip around or do the exercises one chapter at a time, but either way, you’ll be revitalized by this book.

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