Oops! Sorry, Renee – Letters to the Editor

Oops! Sorry, Renee – Letters to the Editor – Letter to the Editor

You told me to keep reading MLO, so I have been! And I found what I am pretty sure is an error in spelling. See the March 2003 issue, p. 22: Zellweger (as in Rene) is spelled incorrectiy at least twice in one paragraph.

–Leon A. Saryan, PhD

ACL Industrial Toxicology Laboratory

Author’s reply:

Dr. Saryan is exactly right: We misspelled Renee Zellweger’s first and last names in our March issue, just before she was slated to appear at the Academy Awards ceremony. We relied on an Internet source that obviously was incorrect. The correct spelling as documented in the credits for her spectacular performance in “Chicago” is listed as Renee (with two “es” at the end) and Zellweger (two “ls” and one “g”). We apologize to Miss Zellweger’s many fans for this faux pas, and thank Dr. Saryan, one of our fans, for bringing the error to our attention.

–Carren Bersch


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