Professional Nursing in Kentucky

Professional Nursing in Kentucky

Professional Nursing in Kentucky * Yesterday * Today * Tomorrow is a book being developed by the Publications Subcommittee for the 2006 Centennial project of the Kentucky Nurses Association. The Editors are collecting pictures, documents, articles, and stories of nurses, nursing schools, hospitals, and health agencies to tell the story of Professional Nursing in Kentucky from 1906 to the present.

You can also help defray the cost of printing and publication of this Centennial limited edition hard-back coffee-table-type history book with a tax-deductible contribution. If income from donations and sales exceeds expenses, net income will support nursing education and research projects approved by Kentucky Nurses Foundation.

Make checks payable to Kentucky Nurses Foundation and specify “History Book” on the memo line.

Make a donation by November 1, 2005 and your name will appear in the book’s List of Contributors:

Grantor $1000 and above

Patron $500-$999

Supporter $100-$499

Friend $50-$99

$100 and above donors receive a free copy of the book. $500 and above donors receive a limited boxed Souvenir Edition.

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