Kentucky Nurses Foundation

Kentucky Nurses Foundation

We are in our second year of a state wide fund raising campaign and while significant dollars have been pledged or contributed there is still a long way to go. More than ever scholarships are needed to assist those going into nursing or advancing their education. This past summer the River City Business and Professional Women’s Foundation solicited and reviewed applications for scholarships and of the nine granted over half were nursing students. In 2003 KNF awarded three scholarships-the Arthur L. Davis Scholarship and the Mildred Metz Scholarship and at this years Foundation Luncheon we will announce the scholarship recipients for 2004-2005. The stories and identified struggles are significant and will probably remain that way as the resources continue to lag behind the demand.

Most individuals contribute to organizations based on its mission and performance. Is it a cause we believe in? Do we know first hand what it has done and who it has helped? Can we feel really good about the outcome? If you answer yes to most of these questions you are more likely to contribute to and support its goals. Won’t you please consider making a contribution to the Foundation that can be paid over a specified period of years or in a single payment? If you have already made your contribution will you consider adding to it? Remember with the new levels of giving program your gifts are considered cumulatively and therefore increases your Circle of Giving.

If you think back to my original challenge I mentioned that if every nurse in Kentucky would give just $1.25 per month for one year we would reach our goal of $1,000,000. Of course many of you have already given or will give at a higher level and I encourage you to do as much as you comfortably can. But what is more important is to show 100% support by the profession. This act alone makes a powerful statement, “We believe in the work of the Foundation and are willing to put our money into it to support nursing.”

As a 501 C 3 tax-exempt organization your contribution is tax deductible. For more information you can contact Jane Younger, President at (502) 262-4054.

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