Kansas Board of Nursing ARNP Subcommittee Meets

Kansas Board of Nursing ARNP Subcommittee Meets

The first meeting of the KBON ARNP subcommittee was held recently, with some participants in Topeka and others by teleconference. The meeting was called in response to the Kansas Board of Nursing’s decision to withdraw the proposed ARNP Scope of Practice Regulations and have them reworked. This action has been supported by many ARNPs and the Kansas State Nurses Association.

The agenda of the subcommittee meeting included four items: 1) review of current statutes and regulations; 2) pros and cons of incorporating all three categories into one scope of practice; 3) recommendations for revision of regulations; and, 4) follow-up, e.g. additional meetings, conference call.

Members were not in favor of one scope of practice for the three categories of advance practice nurses (clinical nurse specialist, nurse midwife, and nurse practitioner) that had been previously proposed and discussed. There were identified differences in the education and roles these individuals fulfill and much of the discussion focused on recommendations for revisions of the current regulations.

It was suggested there be a global definition of advanced practice nursing – then separate statements describing the separate scopes of practice of clinical nurse specialist, nurse midwife, and nurse practitioner. It was believed the one needing updated language was the CNS Scope of Practice, KAR 60-11-107: Functions of the advanced registered nurse practitioner; clinical nurse specialist. The current language does not clarify the CNS role in implementing a medical plan of care.

The members looked at a variety of current resources. The consensus was: that the subcommittee wanted to statutorily acknowledge the depth of the CNS education and expertise within their specialty area of practice; and that generally speaking, there will be no “delegation” language in the proposed regulation revisions.

KBON staff prepared scope of practice statements and information from several documents including the American Nurses Association 2004 Nursing: Scope and Standards of Practice, the Oregon Nurse Practice Act, the American College of Nurse Midwives, the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners and develop a grid of the 3 different categories and the respective scope of practice statements and languages used. The subcommittee members reviewed and reworked regulatory language. The CNM scope of practice and the broad ARNP definition were reworked. The next meeting of the KBONARNP Committee will be held in conjunction with the March 9-10 KBON meeting in Topeka. The ARNP Committee is typically scheduled on the Tuesday, in this case it would be March 9. ARNPs interested in following this scope of practice discussion may want to attent the ARNP Committee meeting to follow the progress of the draft of regulations to be considered. It is anticipated that the NP and CNS scope of practice will be worked on at this meeting.

Members of the ARNP Subcommittee included: Patrice Rawlins, ARNP (Chair of the KSNA Advanced Practice Conference Group), Jane Conroy ARNP, NP, Ann Chapman ARNP-NP, Artis Perret ARNP, Karen Hayes PhD, ARNP, and Monica Scheibmeir PhD, ARNP-NP and Alice Bell MSN, RN.

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