Duties and responsibilities of KSNA standing committees, council and conference group apointments

Duties and responsibilities of KSNA standing committees, council and conference group apointments

Members who are interested in serving on committees and councils should notify the Executive Director or members of the Board of Directors in writing or submit the consent to serve form mailed annually with ballots in August.

Appointments are made by the Board of Directors at the pre-convention meeting and they become effective January 1, of the following year. All Council appointments are for twoyears and all standing committee appointments are for one year, except the Finance Committee which is a three year appointment and the Steering Committee and Editorial Board which are two year appointments. Exceptions are E&GW Council and Nominating Committee which are elected by the membership.

Appointments are made based on expressed interest, continuity, geographic location, professional role and expertise. The Executive Director notifies in writing the person selected and insures that chairpersons and members of committees or councils are sent information about their functions when they assume office.

Functions of Committees and Councils

They function within the framework of the KSNA Bylaws, respond to current issues and to requests from Board of Directors.

They also prepare proposals and recommendations as a result of investigation and present them to the organization in a form on which action can most readily be taken.

Responsibilities of the Chair

1. All Chairpersons are expected to attend the Annual Convention and be prepared to discuss their activities and annual reports. Conference Group and Council Chairs shall attend the Advisory Forum meeting annually.

2. Schedule meetings and clear meeting dates with headquarters. Polling Committee members at scheduled meetings for future meeting dates is encouraged.

3. There will be accountability for meetings considering fiscal and time responsibilities. There are several options for conducting business of committees and councils; Conference calls, mailings, satellite meeting sites and headquarters meeting site. The most efficient and cost-effective method will be employed considering the need for staff support, access to records and the nature of the business to transact.

4. Prepare agenda prior to each meeting and send to headquarters for mailing to members. Notice of the meeting should include plans for lunch – either members are to bring a bag lunch or the agenda is structured to allow time to go out of the office for lunch.

5. Notify staff for materials and information needed prior to meeting.

6. Conduct meeting according to Robert’s Rules of Order.

7. Designate recorder for each meeting if there is no elected secretary.

8. Review minutes for accuracy prior to their being submitted to headquarters and see that approved minutes reach headquarters within one week of meeting.

9. Minutes received in unusable form will be returned to the chair for correction.

10. Distribute travel vouchers to members to be completed by adjournment of the meeting.

11. Cancellation of the scheduled meetings should occur at least five days prior to the meeting. Cancellations that occur less than five days before the scheduled date due to preference of the chair are to be communicated to the members of the committee or cabinet by the chair, by telephone, with notification to headquarters.

12. Submit goals, plans, and budget annually to the board and/or responsible structural unit.

13. Report to board and/or responsible structural unit prior to or during their regularly scheduled meetings.

14. Prepare written annual report for publication in The Kansas Nurse to be submitted by August 1.

15. Monitor attendance at meetings and notify Board and/or responsible structural unit if a member misses more than two consecutive meetings without notice.

16. Obtain authorization from the Executive Director for expenditure of any KSNA funds and transmit promptly to headquarters any funds collected in the name of the Association.

Responsibilities of Council and Committee Members

1. Respond promptly to communications regarding meetings and committee business.

2. Attend scheduled meetings. Absence from two consecutive meetings may mean deletion from committee roster.

3. Notify chair or headquarters if unable to attend meetings. (Reference – KSNA Policy Manual- II General C.3 Absences)

4. Participate in discussion of committee business and share responsibility in any activity.

5. Follow Robert’s Rule of Order during committee discussions.

6. Prepare for informed discussion at meetings.

7. Resign if no longer able to attend.

Responsibilities of Staff to Committees

1. Assist chair and committee as necessary.

2. Provide materials and information requested by chair and committee.

3. Assist committee with implementation of decisions.

4. Perform secretarial work of committee except correspondence between members.

5. See that minutes received in proper form are distributed to members within one week.

6. Maintain in headquarters the official file of the committee/council.

Responsibilities of Special Appointees

1. Attend scheduled meetings.

2. Regularly provide reports to the Board.

3. Prepare a written report for publication in The Kansas Nurse to be submitted by August 1.

Conference Groups Functions of the Groups

1. Function within the framework of the KSNA Bylaws and their own standing rules. Respond to current issues and requests from the Board of Directors, KSNA, and from individual members of the respective group.

2. Prepare proposals and recommendations as a result of investigation and present them to the organization in a form on which action can most readily be taken.

3. Coordinate and/or present continuing education programs at convention and clinical sessions.

Functions of the Executive Committee

1. All Executive Committee members shall attend annual conference group meeting at convention.

1. Review and develop standing rules.

2. Submit an annual written report and others as requested.

3. Submit anticipated budget for the next calendar year to the Finance Committee by July 1.

4. Determine use of allocated funds in accordance with established guidelines for use of money.

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