Board of Nursing ARNP Committee discussing uniform standards for ARNP’s

Board of Nursing ARNP Committee discussing uniform standards for ARNP’s

KSNA monitoring proposals and discussion

The ARNP Committee of the Board of Nursing is continuing its discussion regarding creating uniform standards for ARNP credentialing. In a recent letter to their attorney Steve Phillips, Assistant Attorney General, in preparation for their next meeting May 15″, the chairperson of the ARNP Committee, Kay Clark, CRNA, requested clarification of the following:

Items that the committee will be considering are: 1. Requiring certification through examination, or when an exam is not available through an alternative means.

2. Requiring ARNP’s to maintain certification (or recertification) for renewal of ARNP status.

3. Requiring practice hours within the ARNP specialty area for renewal criteria.

4. Requiring mandatory CNE’s for renewal be within the ARNP specialty area.

Does the ARNP Committee have the authority to implement these criteria? What are your thoughts regarding these suggestions? What section of the regulations would be the most appropriate for these uniform standards?”

KSNA staff and elected officials have been monitoring these discussions. IK.SNA has voice concern about any regulation which would restrict the practice or continued ARNP recognition of Kansas ARNP’s who have been credentialed by the Board of Nursing under current rules and regulations. Some of the proposals they have discussed would make currently credentialed ARNP’s ineligible for continuation of their ARNP status. KSNA has requested careful deliberation on these credentialing issues, to insure that they are in compliance with statutes, and that currently practicing ARNP’s are not disadvantaged by the Boards actions.

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