Protocols for diabetes clinics

Protocols for diabetes clinics

Q Are there any specialist nurses who are working alongside the doctors in general diabetes clinics seeing patients (albeit uncomplicated ones!), not in a nurse-led clinic capacity but either with newly-referred patients or those attending annual review? If so what protocols do you have to support your role?

Jackie Webb DSN Manager, Birmingham Heartlands & Solihull NHS Trust

Guidelines for pre-filling syringes

Q Are there any recent guidelines for district nurses pre-filling insulin syringes which are left in residential/care homes to be given at a later date? The RCN has documented it is safe for seven days, although this appears too long. I would be grateful for any feedback.

Becky Marshall, Diabetes Nurse Educator, Eastern Hull Primary Care Diabetes Service, Hull

Inflammation at injection sites

Q We have a small number of patients complaining of local reaction at injection sites, described as being like a sting or bite. We have tried shorter/longer needles and sometimes a change of insulin type with varying degrees of success, and a very few have turned out to have a latex allergy, which has meant changing insulin–usually to pork insulin.

We just wondered if anyone else has come across this and, if so, have they found a solution?

Gill Teft, Diabetes Nurse Specialist, Diabetes Centre, Raigmore Hospital

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