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Users rate abortion methods highly

Users rate abortion methods highly

Women who choose medical abortion experience significantly more side effects than do those who choose surgical abortion, but are equally satisfied with their abortion experience.1 According to daily charts kept by 1,373 abortion patients participating in a clinical trial conducted in China, Cuba and India, the incidence of nausea, heavy bleeding, and pain and cramps in all three countries was significantly higher among women who received a medical abortion than among those who chose surgical abortion, and the incidence of vomiting was significantly higher among medical patients in two of the three countries (China and Cuba). Nevertheless, women’s rating of their well-being and satisfaction at their exit interview revealed no significant differences between methods. More than nine in 10 women in each group rated their wellbeing as fair to excellent, and more than eight in 10 said they were satisfied or very satisfied with their abortion experience.

1. Elul Bet al., Side effects of mifepristone-misoprostol abortion versus surgical abortion: data from a trial in China, Cuba, and India, Contraception, 1999, 59(2):107-114.

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