Medical biochemistry

Medical biochemistry

Mallika, V

Medical biochemistry, N. Mallikarjuna Rao [New Age International (P) Limited, Publishers, New Delhi] 2002. 695 pages. Price: 325/- ISBN: .81-224-1356-0

The aim of the author has been to make biochemistry easy and simple. In the process the author has glossed over the details and dealt with the subject superficially. The book has 29 chapters dealing with structure and function of biomolecules various pathways of carbohydrate, protein, lipids and nucleotide metabolism, and topics of molecular biology including control of gene expression, recombinant DNA technology etc.

A major flaw in the book is that the references quoted at the end of the chapters are old. Since the volume of the book is comparatively small it should have been possible for the author to update the references to 2000-2001, whereas the references listed are up to year 1995 only in topics such as regulation of gene expression, recombinant DNA technology, and cancer and AIDS wherein there has been considerable research during the recent years.

There are certain mistakes in the text such as Uroporphyrin 11 and IV are shown to be the same in Fig. 22.2 (a) on page 496. The printing and diagrams need improvement to make it appealing to the readers.

To sum up, the book can at best be a supplement to the regular text book of Biochemistry for the undergraduate medical students. The book may be useful for teaching Nursing and BDS students, but cannot be recommended as the main book of medical biochemistry for undergraduate medical students.

Dr V. Mallika

Professor & Head

Department of Biochemistry

Maulana Azad Medical College

New Delhi 110002

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