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New wind energy plant unveiled

New wind energy plant unveiled – Asea Brown Boveri Ltd. offers the Windformer

ENGLAND — A new source of wind energy is as powerful as its fossil fuel counterparts and could change the face of energy production. The Windformer [TM] from Asea Brown Boveri, Ltd., will enable windfarms to generate more than 300 megawatts of power. This size is equivalent to a medium fossil fuel power plant.

The advantages, besides the obvious environmental impact, are many, according to ABB president Goran Lindalil. The Windformer reduces power losses and can be used to connect wind farms directly to larger power grids, even from offshore.

The company is currently testing a 500 kilowatt prototype. Vattenfall, the Nordic energy group, has agreed to install a 3.5 megawatt demonstration plant by 2001. The plans meet with the European Commission’s proposal to have 22 percent of all energy from a renewable source by 2010.

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