Green Planet 2000

Green Planet 2000

Vicki Elmore

Green Planet 2000, version 5.0 for Windows, provides an easy-to-use database containing a vast library of information with more than 3,600 scientific references. Designed to help those interested in doing their own alternative medicine research, this database includes the reports, opinions, and lore of herbal and supplement healing as well as warnings for dangerous substances or potentially toxic combinations.

The national pharmacopeias of the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Japan are represented. Homeopathic, Ayurvedic, Chinese, Mayan, and North American Indian traditional uses and advisories are also included. The built-in editor allows the database to be customized and annotated. All data can be easily output to most printers.

Knight Vision, Spokane, Wash., 1999

CD-ROM, $29.95

(888) 241-9650

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