From the Editor

From the Editor

It’s a time for reminiscing, reflecting and, of course, rejoicing! What were your favorite articles or columns in Healthy & Natural in 2000? We will be choosing winners for best column, best article, best illustration and best cover of the year with your help. Has something we printed helped or inspired you? Let us know. Drop us a line or E-mail me directly at with your comments. We will publish random letters in our February issue along with the names of our winners!

This has been a very strange year in the natural health industry. From Congress rejecting mandatory labeling of genetically modified organisms to a national, televised apology by ABC reporter John Stossel for a biased report on organic farming, it’s been a seesaw ride, to say the least. Kraft recently recalled taco shells because the genetically modified corn used in its Taco Bell brand was for animal consumption only, according to the USDA. Do you think we can ever err on the side of caution instead of big business?

It’s also a time for rejoicing at our editorial offices. The World Natural Health Organization presented us with the “Magazine of the Year” award for “outstanding editorial” and “unbiased reporting.” It just doesn’t get any better than that!

As the holidays approach, we thought it would be wise to put together a guide to help you through this season of dropping temperatures and rising stress. In addition to an article about colds and flu, we have a complete winter skincare guide by dermatologist Dr. Andrew Kaufman.

Since this is the most heart-warming season of the year, we are focusing on–you guessed it–the heart. We’ve brought together some of the industry’s leaders to educate you and your family on heart health, hypertension and vitamins. Leading cardiologist Dr. Stephen Sinatra presents a compelling view of heart disease in women. Best-selling author Dr. Julian Whitaker offers us insight into how to prevent hypertension. Ace nutrition reporter Jack Challem pens a history of vitamin E, the heart-healthy nutrient.

If you’re wondering what supplements to add to your diet and what IU’s, RDA’s and minimum dosages are all about, the first part of our home study course is a must-read. Patrick Holford, best-selling author and founder of the Optimum Institute of Nutrition in Great Britain, gives an overview of supplements and vitamins and why they’re essential to your health.

And while we’re rejoicing, I would like to introduce two new members of our staff: Dawn Bialy and Akiko Campbell. Dawn is my new associate editor and has an eagle eye for typos and inconsistencies. Dawn has already proved to be an excellent copy editor and will be writing more next year. Akiko hails from Japan and is a creative talent par excellence. She designed many of the layouts in this issue and is busy working on new column headers and logos for our first issue of the new year. Both women bring amazing gifts to our workplace.

Enjoy this magical time of year with your family and friends. Happy, healthy holidays from all of us at Healthy & Natural.

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