Discussion area participation can earn members founders points

Discussion area participation can earn members founders points – HFMA News

HFMA members now can earn one Founders point for every 10 questions they reply to in the HFMA Knowledge Network Discussion Area of HFMA’s Web site. This method for earning Founders points was established to recognize the importance of networking to healthcare financial managers, and the profession as a whole.

Founders points support the Founders Merit Awards Series, through which HFMA recognizes volunteer contributions made by HFMA members to the healthcare finance profession. Founders points also are an integral part of HFMA’s certification program.

Professional networking consistently is ranked as an important HFMA member benefit. On-line discussion areas provide a quick, easy way to network. In addition to earning Founders points, HFMA members who respond to posted questions can gain recognition among their peers and share their professional experience with other healthcare financial managers.

To enter the Knowledge Network Discussion Area, HFMA members can log in at To be credited for discussion area responses, HFMA members should print their replies and send them with a cover letter to the Founders points chairman for their chapter. That person will report the responses to HFMA National.

To be eligible to earn Founders points, a discussion area response must provide insight or practical information that helps another member resolve a question; be posted to the Web site discussion area so that all members can learn from the exchange; and comply with copyright laws.

As a general rule, government information, such as laws, rules, and program manuals are in the public domain and may be copied and pasted into a discussion board message. Other published materials from magazine articles, other Web sites, training manuals, and similar sources generally are copyrighted. HFMA National will delete posted material that is copyrighted.

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