Will five Cs guide Internet marketing in Y2K?

Will five Cs guide Internet marketing in Y2K? – Statistical Data Included

It seems somehow inevitable that the three Rs of education (readin’, ‘ritin and ‘rithmatic) should be upgraded to the five Cs of internet commerce as we approach Year 2000.

According to James J. Kumpel, a health care information technology analyst with Raymond James & Associates, Inc. St. Petersburg, Fla., the future of the health care industry and e-commerce can be segmented into the five Cs connectivity, commerce, content, communities and clinical applications.

Kumpel’s “e-health.com: Is the Internet the cure to what ails healthcare?” contends that the health care industry, fueled by the 320% growth of e-health.com stocks thus far in 1999, has the potential, through the Internet, to streamline the complex, redundant processes that cost health care providers and device manufacturers and marketers time and money.

For example, current paper-intensive administrative functions that are convoluted, time-consuming and paper-intensive (and cost, says Kumpel, $180 billion annually) can be addressed by Internet connectivity.

Likewise, commerce opportunities capitalize on the ‘Net’s ubiquitous ability to reach consumers and create markets, exchanges, auctions and online directories.

A copy of the report can be obtained from Robb Bruce at Raymond James at 727-573-3800, ext. 5303.

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