PhorMax Corp – enters multiyear contract with Agfa

PhorMax Corp – enters multiyear contract with Agfa – Brief Article

PhorMax Corp., Palo Alto, Calif., entered into a multi-year contract with Agfa, Ridgefield Park, N.J. Under the agreement, Agfa will supply proprietary photostimulable phosphor imaging plates configured with PhorMax’s new compact CR system, CRView[ordinal indicator, feminine], that was introduced at the 85th annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America in Chicago. The flexible storage phosphor imaging plates will be integrated into PhorMax’s imaging cassette, designed for use with conventional x-ray exposure equipment, replacing the standard x-ray film cassette. Following exposure, the imaging cassette is inserted into the CRView desktop scanner that removes the imaging plate from the cassette and scans it to produce a digital image.

John Glass, general manager of Agfa’s Medical Imaging Division, said the PhorMax system is designed to be a “practical means to become filmless without having to replace or reconfigure existing x-ray equipment.”


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