Life Corp. enters health care with oxygen pack

Life Corp. enters health care with oxygen pack

Life Corp. enters health care with oxygen pack Life Corp., Milwaukee, will set up a distribution organization to sell its Life OxygenPac to health care providers.

A supplier of oxygen equipments to corporations, occupational safety agencies, and business, life will use recognized durable medical equipment distributors and their reps to sell its Life OxygenPac to hospitals, emergency rooms, physicians’ offices, nursing homes, the home market and dentist offices.

Life has two versions of the Life OxygenPac. The first, a basic unit is a clear, unbreakable storage case that contains an oxygen tank and resuscitation mask. It hangs on the wall like a fire extinguisher. Life has been using more than 200 safety equipment distributors to sell this unit. Some are medical distributors who have sold the unit to health care facilities within industry. Much of the success of this unit, said Kirchgeorg, is related to recent American Medical Assn. guidelines on oxygen equipment used in CPR.

The unit that will go to health care providers has additional features, such as a variable flow regulation and demand valve for 100% resuscitation. Hospitals that have bougth the simple oxygen units have contacted life about buying the new unit. To determine the features that hospitals most wanted, life designed prototype units that hospitals requested.

Life will introduce that unit at the Health Industry Distributors Ass. trade show, September 17-19, Baltimore. Life will then exhibit the new unit at the National Home Health Care Exposition held in November in Atlanta. Members of the health Industry Representatives Assn., Mission, Kan., will receive advanced notification about the product.

Most of life’s promotional strategy will consist of direct marketing to DME distributors, said Kirchgeorg. The unit will also be advertised in general DME-oriented publications, such as Medical Product Sales, Medical Care Products, and the National Home Care Buyers Guide.

Both units, said Kirchgeorg, can be used in less than 10 seconds.

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