Health care demand, utilization forecast offered by category, year, geographic region in AIS report

Health care demand, utilization forecast offered by category, year, geographic region in AIS report

Device and med-surg product suppliers interested in how consumer demand is expected to impact health services should check into a new offering from Atlantic Information Services Inc. (AIS).

Health care demand and utilization forecasts for 370 geographic regions, available for the years 2000 to 2005 by disease category, patient populations and health care settings, are available within 10 regional reports matching HCFA geographic parameters.

Titled Demand for Health Services, the report covers predicted changes in

demand and utilization and was developed by using data models based on actual historical data and experience from the 370 geographic regions.

AIS says marketing, sales, strategic planning and purchasing executives can use the forecasts to target expansion efforts, revise existing product lines, build disease prevention and education programs, focus sales efforts and inventory and allocate resources appropriately.

Each report in the Demand for Health Services series includes:

* Patient population demographics

* Provider demographics

* General physician utilization information, including physician office visits for 20 of the most frequent diagnoses

* Utilization forecasts for selected demographic categories, including pediatrics, women’s health and senior care

* Utilization forecasts for selected diagnostic categories, including behavioral health, cardiovascular, cancer, dental, eye care and rehabilitation services

AIS says the projection formula accounts for demographic changes, regional variations in use rates, stringency of medical management, use of disease management programs and cost-effective practice guidelines. says it obtained the historical data used to develop the forecasts from a number of sources, including private industry, large claims databases and federal and state government. It also utilized primary data sources that included the National Ambulatory Medicare Care Survey and surveys and samples undertaken by the National Center for Health Statistics and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.

Suppliers wanting additional information or to order the report can contact AIS customer service at 800-521-4323 or visit its Web site at

For questions about Demand for Health Services forecast content, contact Susan Namovicz-Peat at 800-521-4323 or e-mail her at


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