Applied Bio-Tech to add distributors – Applied Bio-Tech Products Inc

Applied Bio-Tech to add distributors

Applied Bio-Tech Products Inc., Scott, LA, plans to add five or six distributors to sell its portable vein light to the home health market.

On the market for almost a year, the Landry vein light quickly locates the best-suited vein to administer IV’s and draw blood. With this product, patients no longer have to suffer from or fear repeated needle sticks in their arms. “The product is aimed at patient comfort,” said Applied Bio-Tech Products CEO Frank Creaghan.

The vein light locates a site to administer an IV or to draw blood by illuminating blood vessels under the skin with its two fiber optic arms and halogen lights. It fits into the palm of a hand and is battery-operated and rechargeable.

Applied Bio-Tech Product’s 23 distributors have sold 400 vein lights to multiple markets. A starter kit containing the vein light, batteries and other items sells for $960.

Creaghan said that the vein light is targeted toward three market segments – hospitals, emergency medical services, and alternate sites. The fastest-growing market segment for the vein light is the home-health market, as its use for home IV therapy continues to increase. Hospitals are the vein light’s largest market, followed by emergency medical services and the alternate site market.

The home health market is the vein light’s market of the future, according to Rick Fishel, general manager of Titan Medical Inc., YorbaLinda, CA, a distributor of the vein light. Fishel said that it is easier to sell the vein light to this market than to hospitals because the home health business is more influenced by its patient’s wishes. And every patient who sees the vein light, he said, will want one. Hospitals, on the other hand, are more concerned with the vein light’s cost. “Since (the vein light) is a capital piece of equipment for which there was no predecessor, hospitals did not budget for the vein light and therefore many of them do not have the capital to purchase it,” said Fishel.

Applied Bio-Tech Products has been promoting the vein light at local trade shows for critical care and IV nurses. The company has also advertised the vein light in journals such as IV Nurses and Nursing ’90. . Its distributors promote the vein light as well. Titan Medical, for example, demonstrates the vein light to IV teams and critical nurses. The distributor has sold 50 starter kits in the past six months.

The vein light was developed by an emergency medical technician who used a pen light to locate the vein of a car accident victim. The incident prompted the technician to create a product that could find a vein quickly and easily.

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