ANA House of Delegates supports a dues increase

ANA House of Delegates supports a dues increase

Hatmaker, Debbie

After a heated debate, the ANA House of Delegates voted to support a dues increase of $35 effective January 1, 2002. This decision did not come easily as the delegates asked tough questions during the financial forum. ANA has not increased its portion of the dues for more than 10 years. While ANA has been operating at a deficit for the past couple of years, a financial renewal plan is succeeding in bringing its budget closer to balance. Several years of austere budgeting have involved some program cuts, staff cuts (largely through attrition), consolidation, and streamlining– reducing expenses by $4.8 million or 19.5 per cent.

In the annual stakeholders report, “ANA and You” (, the association highlighted work accomplished in 2000. Membership benefits noted:

* Improved recruitment and retention programs-Georgia was one of three states to be selected for a 7-step direct mail campaign)

* Model legislative language on staffing that supports state legislative initiatives

* Listservs to enhance communication with constituent member associations: Lobbynet, workplace advocacy, NursingInsider

* Support for more than 20 CMA websites

* Campaign materials for programs such as “Safe Needles Save Lives” and “Every Patient Deserves a Nurse”

* Educational materials including “First Do No Harm” (environmental issues video), “Prospective Payment System for Long Term Care” (video/workbook), “Continued Competence”, “Nurse Staffing and Patient Outcomes in the Inpatient Hospital Setting”

*Individual members receive The American Nurse (newspaper); The American Journal of Nursing journal); and discounts on a variety of nursing publications, continuing education offerings, certification examinations, professional liability insurance, credit card, long distance programs, and other types of insurance.

Visit the website to read the full report. See what accomplishments have been made during this past year and the strong partnership between ANA and the CMAs that made those achievements a reality. At the 2002 ANA Convention a report is scheduled from the Futures Task Force. This group is currently working to create a “new ANA”, responsive to the emerging workforce and healthcare issues. Look forward to this group’s futuristic work.

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