Adopted Districts Transition To Chapters Plan

Adopted Districts Transition To Chapters Plan

I. District Presidents and Regional Coordinators meet at Leadership Retreat (Friday, November 18) to begin discussions on transition from districts to chapters led by Director of Membership Development.

II. Resources for assistance in transition:

A. Hedgehog Task Force

B. Marketing/Communications Director (Staff)

C. Regional Coordinators

D. Leadership Development Director

E. Demetrius Mazacoufa (available for general legal questions)

F. GNA Staff (as available)

III. December 31, 2005-Last month for District Funds to be allocated to Districts

IV. January 1, 2006 -Implementation of Growth and Development Funds Account

V. Growth & Development Fund as of 1/1/06 will consist of the current allocated District Dues.

VI. June 30, 2006-Deadline for submission of Chapter names and Chapter Chair to headquarters.

VII. June 30, 2006-Completion of Transition from District to Chapter

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