Weider™: the name that started it all

Weider™: the name that started it all


It’s been imitated, copied and envied. But there’s still only one Dynamic Muscle Builder[R].

Dynamic Muscle Builder[R] is the original mass-gain supplement that started it all — the first muscle-building protein supplement that’s still the standard that all others aspire to be.

Introduced in the 1970s by Joe Weider, Dynamic Muscle Builder[R] quickly became an essential tool of top bodybuilders, and it remains the first choice of many top champions today.

Why? The reason’s simple. It works.

Dynamic Muscle Builder[R] was the first body-building product that put the protein/carbohydrate combination together in one potent package. Before Dynamic Muscle Builder[R], bodybuilders relied on only vitamins and minerals for growth and recovery. Dynamic Muscle Builder(r) changed that. Dynamic Muscle Builder(r) changed everything.


Dynamic Muscle Builder[R] represents the benchmark for the critical and timeless nutritional concept of delivering an optimum protein/carbohydrate macronutrient matrix, with minimal fat and efficient absorption. Since its inception, Dynamic Muscle Builder(r) has continued to build on its head start in nutrition science. Outpacing its competition with advances in manufacturing, taste profiles, and protein components,

Dynamic Muscle Builder[R] has consistently forged more powerful, improved blends and delivery systems. Dynamic Muscle Builder[R]’s effective proprietary formula reflects the latest in scientific advancement combined with real-world knowledge.

Dynamic Muscle Builder[R] proves itself in the gym year-in and year-out. To put it simply, Dynamic Muscle Builder(r) helps bodybuilders increase muscle mass and strength. * It continues to set the standard for all protein supplements and post-exercise protein/carbohydrate recovery products.


This is what you get with every serving of Dynamic Muscle Builder[R].

Protein at its most potent, with increased absorption: Dynamic Muscle Builder[R] has a proprietary protein blend comprised of soy protein isolate and microfiltered whey protein isolate, with a special caseinate blend to increase viscosity and help slow digestion.

A balanced macronutrient matrix that delivers a powerful postworkout boost: Dynamic Muscle Builder[R] contains an approximately equal proportion of carbohydrate and protein that promotes a muscle protein synthesis. *

Over 160 clean calories and only one gram of fat. Dynamic Muscle Builder[R] contains only one gram of fat with every serving, while delivering 160 clean calories that surge through your muscle cells before, during and after training.

High-quality glutamine, and lots of it. Dynamic Muscle Builder[R]’s enhanced protein complex contains glutamine, which is fast becoming the most recommended bodybuilding nutrient after protein. Why? Because glutamine supports bodybuilding gains by several mechanisms, including cell volumization, increased muscle protein synthesis, decreased muscle protein catabolism, and maintenance of immune and gastrointestinal function. * Soy protein isolate is included in Dynamic Muscle Builder[R]’s proprietary protein blend to increase bonded glutamine, the most stable form of glutamine, since soy contains more glutamine than any milk protein (casein and whey) or any tissue protein like beef, chicken or fish.

Highly charged branched-chain amino acids for growth and recovery. * Whey protein isolate enhances the Biological Value of the total protein complex as well as increases its branch-chain amino acid content. Branched-chain amino acids enhance muscle protein synthesis as well as promote recovery from intense resistance training. *

Carbohydrate blend that stabilizes blood sugar. The special anticatabolic-carbohydrate-complex contained in Dynamic Muscle Builder[R] employs a combination of complex and low-glycemic saccharides designed to maintain stable levels of blood sugar. *

A total of 19 vitamins and minerals. Dynamic Muscle Builder[R] contains a precision blend of 19 vitamins and minerals to support the metabolic environment a hard-training bodybuilder must sustain to recover and grow. *

Dynamic Muscle Builder[R]’s highly effective blend of ingredients is the result of over three decades of scientific progress. But most of all, it gets results in the gym.

It’s all here, everything you need in one product, designed to help you build the best, most muscular physique possible. Dynamic Muscle Builder[R] has done just that for generations of bodybuilders. It will work for you.

So why choose an imitation when you can have the original: Dynamic Muscle Builder[R].

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