Vault: bionic muscle optimizer

Vault: bionic muscle optimizer

Harness The Power of VAULT:

If the ever-increasing flood of cell volumizers is making it difficult for you to choose, then SAN’s new Vault should be the first place you look. There is a simple reason why SAN is known for innovation: We are committed to putting you first and always striving to be the best.

First impression. Different? Most definitely!!

Our resume is filled with a long list of sport supplements pioneered by the one and only V-12 Turbo and of course the world’s first Creatine-Ester, C[M.sup.2]. When we designed Vault, we saw it as an opportunity to take the leading-edge technologies we’ve developed for V-12 Turbo and C[M.sup.2] and bring them to you as an unsurpassed fusion. And while others have been trying to catch up, we’ve been adding innovation after innovation all to keep us–and more importantly you–ahead of the pack.

Introducing VAULT:

** Bionic Strength & Colossal Muscle Gains*

** Mind-Blowing Whole Body Pumps*

** Razor Sharp Definition*

** Blitz Recovery and Repair*

** Electrifying Pre-Workout Energy*

** Wicked Mental Focus & Stimulation*

In your pursuit of building the perfect machine, Vault holds the key to your most “unimaginable” desires. Vault provides numerous features with one goal in mind: Workouts that are more intense, relentless & record breaking than you could ever imagine. Whether you need the extra couple of reps at your max bench press/squat, or simply want an invigorating kick at the beginning of your workout. Vault is ready to (and will) deliver.

The word “special” gets thrown around so much these days, it’s practically lost its meaning. At SAN, we couldn’t build a superior sport supplement without placing our primary emphasis on you, the consumer. That’s why you’ll find Vault as powerful and amazing as it is unparalleled and unique. For peak performance, look no further … With our two-stage Nitro-Pump and Neuro-Alert matrix, every serving of Vault practically guarantees you’ll have the most productive, intense and hardcore workouts of your life … every time you hit the gym. And with its dual peak torque Myo-stimulating systems (TriCreatine Fusion & Insulinotropic Osmolytes) on tap–relentless thrust is available at your first dose.

What about recovery and recuperation? That’s where muscle growth and strength increases actually occur. Stimulating and enhancing during the aftermath of brutal training sessions was the focal point for creating stages three and four. Vault’s exclusive Myotrop matrix was specifically included for replenishing vital phosphate and mineral content–that are otherwise rapidly lost during exercise. Without proper minerals and phosphates loaded in your muscles they appear ‘flat and smooth.’ Lastly, our Glutasorp Matrix was the creation of a brainchild, precisely formulated to strengthen your immune system and also helping to enhance glycogen storage by providing the necessary building blocks for fast assimilation and repair.

Colossal Muscle Gains, Mind-Blowing Muscle Pumps, Razor Sharp Definition & Wicked Mental Focus … whatever you’ll call it … Vault is all that!

Unprecedented technologies, unparalleled results. Strong words for sure … but most importantly, they’re true. SAN’s track record for success combined with our reputation for quality and results guarantees it.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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