The muscle tech® dream team

The muscle tech® dream team

They’re Bigger, Leaner, and Hungrier Than Ever. This year’s Top 3 Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic Winners are Gunning for the Mr. Olympia Crown in Glitzy Las Vegas!

THREE OF A KIND IS GREAT ODDS IN LAS VEGAS, WHETHER IT’S IN SLOTS OR ON THE TABLE IN HIGH-STAKES POKER. It’s also great odds if you’re a fan of pro bodybuilding and the type who makes the yearly pilgrimage to the Mandalay Bay Resort, the glittering center of the iron game. The event is the prestigious Mr. Olympia[R] contest. And the time is right now to witness three of bodybuilding’s hottest stars get diced and roll the dice onstage to see whose physique will hit the jackpot with the judges. If the past six Olympia contests have taught us anything, it’s that the real drama of the spectacle doesn’t lie in determining whether Ronnie Coleman can hang on another year. Rather, it’s in betting on which young lion may take him out. If bodybuilding ever had what might be considered a Dream Team, it’s the triple threat that stands to block the champ from tying Arnold Schwarzenegger’s personal mark of seven Olympia wins. Enter Chris “The Real Deal” Cormier, Dexter “The Blade” Jackson, and Jay “A Cut Above” Cutler. All are veterans of the iron game who are using MuscleTech[R] supplements to help take their physiques to a higher level. With over 20 pro victories among them, this Dream Team may make sure this year is the champ’s swan song. Each has a single-minded purpose: to become the world’s best bodybuilder.

Chris Cormier–Real Deal Ready to Lead with a Strong Hand

Although the champ had plenty of top-flight competitors to worry about last year, there was one individual he was probably glad to have not seen backstage. Chris Cormier was noticeably absent from last year’s “O”, having been sidelined with the flu just days before the show. A fan favorite and perennial threat to the title, Cormier stormed back to fine form at the Arnold this year. The Real Deal was in the shape of his life and proved to the world that he is one of the best bodybuilders on the planet. A near-flawless blend of size and symmetry, Cormier pushed eventual winner Jay Cutler to the wire, but had to settle for second place–edged out by just a single point! The narrow margin of defeat was enough to fuel the flames of controversy on message boards for weeks afterward. The Real Deal has been shaking up his routine this year and dialing up the intensity, working with trainer extraordinaire Charles Glass, who has created exercises that work Cormier to the bone but do not reinjure the Real Deal’s ailing back and sore knees. Judges and experts applauded Cormier for packing on enough mass to be able to go head-to-head with Cutler. The Real Deal shrugs off the compliments, stating simply that, aside from Glass’s expert advice, his trusty CELL-TECH[TM]/NITRO-TECH[R] stack has been working as well for him as it ever has since he started using it. “I used the NITRO-TECH powder and bars along with CELL-TECH,” says Chris. “I really like NITRO-TECH. It’s a happy medium, because it’s a top-quality protein, but you get a great taste out of it. And I really enjoyed CELL-TECH. I really felt my strength go up by using CELL-TECH in my program!”

The Blade: Having a Career Year

It’s no wonder Dexter Jackson is a huge part of the elite dream team. In fact, he’s making a strong case to be anointed its number one member. The Blade took third in last year’s Olympia and has soared into the ranks of the elite by winning the GNC Show of Strength over heavily favored Jay Cutler. He also placed first at both the Ironman and San Francisco Grand Prix this year. He’s easily the most improved bodybuilder of the year, and many say that pound-for-pound, he’s the best in the sport. Whether Jackson can move up from third in the Olympia remains to be seen, but one thing’s an even bet: He will be a marked man in Vegas. “I’m considered one of the very top guys in the world right now,” Jackson admits. “To be honest, I never thought I would be in the predicament that I’m now in. I never really worried too much about being Mr. Olympia. I just wanted to place in the top five for the rest of my career. But now I’m thinking more and more about winning it one day.”

Jackson’s worked hard since last year’s Arnold Classic to bring up his lower back, chest, and shoulders. His hope is that he can take out the champ, despite being outweighed by about 60 pounds. Evidently, the judges like what he’s done to his physique so far.

Is Cutler “Stacking” the Deck?

Despite how incredibly strong the Real Deal and the Blade are this year, the leader of the MuscleTech Dream Team is still “Captain” Cutler. A three-time Arnold Classic champion and two-time runner-up at the “O”, bodybuilding’s “Chosen One” has again set his sights on winning come October. He’s keeping his off-season training a little heavier than in pre-contest mode, and he’ll pick up the pace and shorten his rest intervals when dieting. “I don’t go through depletion workouts anymore, and I don’t try to shock my muscles with a ridiculous amount of reps,” Cutler explains. I stick with 3 to 4 sets of 8 to 10 reps, because that’s what has worked for me.” A relative newcomer to the squad, Cutler is following the wisdom of Cormier and other IFBB pros by using the CELL-TECH[TM]/NITRO-TECH[R] stack for added size and strength. “Supplementing with NITRO-TECH really helped me get into the best shape of my life,” says Cutler. “After training, using a product like NITRO-TECH is great because it’s a quick protein formula that helps get the protein into the muscle. I like incorporating NITRO-TECH into my first meal after morning cardio, and especially post-workout with CELL-TECH. If you really want to jack up your size and strength, I would recommend incorporating CELL-TECH with your NITRO-TECH,” Cutler adds.

All Bets are Off!

Now that three of the top bodybuilders in the world have applied some of the most powerful musclebuilding supplements to their already-incredible physiques, one of them just might be realizing his first-ever Olympia win. Given the Dream Team’s strength in numbers, the bodybuilding community is depending on one of its troops to dethrone the champ and deliver a brand new champion–one who’s set to write a new chapter in Mr. Olympia[R] history.

To get the same musclebuilders many of this year’s top Mr. Olympia[R] competitors are using, pick up the CELL-TECH[TM]/NITRO-TECH[R] stack at GNC and other fine health-food stores, or visit[TM] for more information. All trademarks are owned by their trademark owners.

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