The big picture: the Kim Lyons file

The big picture: the Kim Lyons file

Jim Rosenthal

FULL NAME: Kimberly Lyn Lyons.

AGE: 29.

BIRTHDATE: May 5, 1973.

BIRTHPLACE: San Antonio, Texas.


HEIGHT: 5’3″.

CONTEST WEIGHT: 112 pounds.



MARITAL STATUS: I’m married to Andrew Lyons, an F-16 fighter pilot in the U.S. Air Force. We’re both from military backgrounds and first met while our families were stationed in Mountain Home, Idaho, in 1983. He was our paperboy, and that’s how it all got started!

FIRST FITNESS CONTEST: It was the 1996 Galaxy. I was working as an aerobics instructor at a World Gym in Colorado Springs, and another girl in the gym was training for the Galaxy, and she talked me into doing it. I placed in the top 20 out of 100 girls, which I thought was pretty good at the time.

MAJOR WIN: The 2000 Galaxy in Hermosa Beach. I wanted to stick with the Galaxy until I could prove I was the best of the best. The only challenge left in fitness after 2000 was to cross over to the NPC shows–the most serious test of physical conditioning, flexibility and physique presentation.

NPC EXPERIENCE: I did the 2001 NPC California Championships in Los Angeles and placed second. I was very stoked with that performance, and so I decided to take a shot at the 2001 NPC USA Championships, and I got fourth in the middle height class. I had such a blast at that show. The athletes were totally cool, dedicated and a lot friendlier than I was expecting. Jon Lindsay, the promoter, made sure that contest ran smoothly. The contests in other organizations were so chaotic and disorganized by comparison.

YOUR PLAN FOR THE 2002 NPC USA: I’ll check myself out in a mirror before the show to make sure my body looks tight, with just the right amount of muscle in all the important places. I’ve been training and dieting to accentuate my shoulders and waist–my two strong points–and play up my V taper. And, of course, I expect to have a great time in Vegas once the contest is behind me.

CAREER HIGHLIGHT: Getting a Weider contract this past year after virtually giving up on ever signing with a nutrition company. My dream was to work with Weider, and I was shocked when that dream actually became a reality.

CAREER DISAPPOINTMENT: Doing a photo shoot with Per Bernal years ago and never seeing any of the images published in a magazine. I wasn’t that comfortable working with [model] Frank Sepe, and it must have been pretty obvious from the photos.

ROLE MODEL: Wonder Woman from the DC Comics. She had what I considered to be the ideal female body. Laurie Vaniman is my real-life role model. She has an amazing body!


Amy Fadhli has a very sexy physique and is a killer model. Laurie Vaniman is the bomb. She has a beautiful body and is a great person. Laurie has the perfect fitness physique — it’s obvious that she trains hard, but she’s not trying to get as hard as women bodybuilders.


Laurie Vaniman is the nicest person I’ve met in this whole industry.

BEST BODYPARTS: Abs and shoulders.

WORST BODYPART: I hate my legs — they always seem to lag behind my upper body.

FAVORITE EXERCISES: Shoulder presses and crunches. The two key movements for ensuring the quality of my two best bodyparts. I also love doing lunges and squats when I’m in a hardcore-training kind of mood.

LEAST-FAVORITE EXERCISE: I hate the burn from working calves.

FAVORITE TV SHOWS: Friends and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

FAVORITE BANDS: U2 and Jane’s Addiction.

FAVORITE BINGE-OUT TREAT: Tuxedo twist cheesecake and a bag of marshmallows.

IDEA OF A PERFECT VACATION: Rappelling through the waterfalls of the Swiss Alps.


WHAT YOU LIKE MOST ABOUT COMPETING IN FITNESS SHOWS: I love to perform onstage in front of a crowd.

WHAT YOU DISLIKE MOST ABOUT COMPETING IN FITNESS SHOWS: The politics and the egos of some of the athletes.

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