Southwest fit snit – Hard Times – Kim Chizevsky

Southwest fit snit – Hard Times – Kim Chizevsky – Brief Article

Jim Schmaltz

Plenty of pretty panties were left in a twist after the score sheets of the Southwest USA fitness contest of May 4 were released. The trouble started after six-time Ms. Olympia KIM CHIZEVSKY, performing in her second fitness contest, wrenched her knee during the 45-second compulsory judging round, which features the tumbling hotties in full-body black jumpsuits.

“The floor was oily and slick, and I slipped,” she said. “I heard my knee crack, and when I landed, I heard it crack again. Of course, it had to happen at the beginning of my 45-second routine, so my 45-second [performance] pretty much stunk after that.”

Despite the pain, Chizevsky, whose athleticism and desire are unquestionable since she proved herself to be the greatest female bodybuilder of the ’90s, maintained her composure and did her courageous best. Her knee swelled to grapefruit proportions by the time the evening show was held on Saturday, but she performed anyway.

While Chizevsky herself remains a symbol of perseverance and guts — and her competitors wouldn’t disagree — the fact that the judges scored the former Ms. O anywhere but dead last in the compulsory and routine rounds rankled her fellow fitness femmes. Chizevsky dominated the two physique rounds — no argument there — but even she admitted that her injury gave her no chance to effectively compete in the other rounds because it prohibited her from completing mandatory moves. So, how, other competitors asked, could she have finished 11th out of 15 in the 45-second round and 10th out of 15 in the two-minute? This reporter certainly has no idea how, and would not have asked the question in the first place had not so many fitness felines purred into his ear. Problem is, not one single woman would go on the record for fear of reprisal from the “powers that be,” which, when you think about it, is a worse indictment of the sport than the puzzling results that mar these affairs. Let’s face it: Making sense of the sc ores at fitness shows is like solving a Rubik’s Cube while wearing a blindfold.

Now, on to the figure contests.

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