Ralabate revisited – Flex ‘n’ Femme – Michele Ralabate

Ralabate revisited – Flex ‘n’ Femme – Michele Ralabate – Brief Article

Steve Wennerstrom

Many of us remember Michele Ralabate as an outstanding pro bodybuilder who won the NPC National overall title in 1994. Others will remember her as a fine fitness competitor at the pro level. But how many know the diminutive Floridian is one of only three women to compete in both the Ms. Olympia (bodybuilding) and the Fitness Olympia? It’s true. Ralabate placed eighth at the 1995 Ms. Olympia, and two years later — after switching to fitness contests — placed 15th at the 1997 Fitness Olympia.

Ralabate left the competitive scene shortly after her Fitness Olympia attempt, but she has remained close to the bodybuilding and fitness arena working as a personal trainer, choreographer and general consultant to aspiring competitors at the amateur and professional levels. Most recently, Ralabate has become a successful distributor for Herbalife products.

Says Ralabate of her postcompetitive life “I’m probably more busy now than I’ve ever been But I love being busy. Helping new competitors is so much fun and it’s exciting to see them progress I think I have a lot to offer competitors both mentally and physically based on my own experiences in both bodybuilding and fitness”.

And who were the other two athletes to compete in both women’s events? Sharon Bruneau (1992, ’93 and ’94 Ms Olympia 1995 Fitness Olympia) and Penny Price (1986 and ’90 Ms. Olympia 1995 Fitness Olympia)

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