Mucho gusto

Mucho gusto

Steve Stiefel

The breakout star of the year has yet to be determined–the Olympia will do that–but GUSTAVO BADELL has to be considered the biggest surprise of the year. Badell has been competing on the pro circuit with all of the fanfare that usually accompanies a relatively unknown bodybuilder from beyond the shores of the States: none. With zilch acclaim, he qualified for the 2002 Olympia, where he finished 24th.

This year, under the tutelage of MILOS SARCEV, Badell has made a huge statement. He weighed in at a shredded 234 to finish third at the Ironman. This qualified him for the Olympia and earned him a last-minute invite to the Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic, where he placed seventh. Both contests had tough fields.

Will Badell get his due at this year’s O? That remains to be seen. The top 10 looks awfully crowded already, but Badell, in rock-solid condition with knockout arms, split hams and one of the best chests on the scene, has done the work it takes to get the comparisons he wants.

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