Maravelous – Flex ‘n’ Femme – Mara Silva

Maravelous – Flex ‘n’ Femme – Mara Silva – Brief Article

Steve Wennerstrom

Luckily for us, Mara Silva is another of the many South American beauties who now make the United States their home. Born in Bahia, Brazil, Silva lives in Union, New Jersey, and she knows more than just a little about homes. Not one to rely on her good looks, 32-year-old Silva has been a real estate agent for the past nine years and can sell you a house quicker than you can say, “Have I got a mortgage for you.”

More recently, however, the striking 5’4″ 118-pound realtor has scored a few points in the bodybuilding world, reaching the national level in just three years of competing.

Beginning with lightweight and overall victories at both the 1999 NPC Suburban and NPC New Jersey State championships, Silva finished fourth among the lightweights at the 2000 NPC Junior USA. She captured the lightweight crown at the 2001 rendition of that event before earning a fifth-place finish at the NPC Nationals in 2001.

Training at John Kemper’s famed Diamond Gym in Maplewood, New Jersey, she promises to return to the Nationals in 2002 and make a strong run at the lightweight title. A victory at that contest, says Silva, “would be marvelous.”

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