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This monster anabolic has been compared to the steroid EQ in its effect and its ability to put on lean mass. Methyl-1-P gives you very similar effects to EQ like: strength, extreme hardening and increased Red Blood Cell production. Use Methyl-1-P like you would use EQ, either alone or part of a perfect stack. Methyl-1-P is the ultimate product for steady gains that you can keep for years. Since it is a 6aMethyl delivery system, Methyl-1-P is very safe and is suitable to use for up to 8 week cycles where your goal is solid and steady growth.


Some of you miss the explosive gains of Methyl-1-Test … well, guess who’s back? We needed to give you something that is completely legal, yet gives you the massive gains of Methyl-1-Test. Methyl-1-Alpha gives you all of the explosive size gains of Methyl-1-Test. Gains of 10-20 lbs of mass in 2 weeks are possible with Methyl-1-Alpha and users reported the same explosive size and strength gains that they used to get from Methyl-1-Test. Methyl-1-Alpha can be stacked with Methyl-1-P to give you the ultimate in mass gains that you can keep.

Legal Prohormones


This incredible pro-hormone gives you incredible strength, freaky vascularity, intense pumps and solid mass. If you want the most potent lean mass builder on the planet, you can count on Methyl-Masterdrol. This extreme anabolic will give you the most incredible gains in strength, size and vascularity of any product on the market. Methyl-Masterdrol can be stacked with Methyl-1-P to give you the ultimate dry, lean stack. These two combine to give you size and strength gains that rival any product on the market today legal or illegal.


We took the best testosterone booster on the market today and made it EXTREME. How did we do it? By finding an anti-aromatase that is 400% better than ATD[TM] and 4700% better than 60X0[TM] at reducing estrogen. This product can either be used as a testosterone booster on its own or as post cycle therapy after any one of our pro-hormone cycles. Either way, you are getting the most advanced product on the market in Formadrol Extreme, because it contains an ingredient that works like the prescription product Nolvadex along with the most potent suicide inhibitor on the planet.

Physical Perfection


With Cold Fusion Explosion, we give you the most advanced creatine ester matrix ever developed, delivering more creatine ester per serving than any product on the market. We combined that with dicreatine malate, arginine AKG, arginine malate and a host of supportive aminos, herbals and focus factors. This amazing combination will give you mind blowing pumps and focus and drive like nothing else on the market. You will feel the gene altering effects of Cold Fusion EXPLOSION from the first scoop. Look for it at your favorite online or local retailer. Nothing can match the raw power of Cold Fusion Explosion for increased pumps and size.

Through Supplementation


You’ve worked hard, paid your dues, yet you can’t seem to get the ultimate physique. Don’t worry friend; finally, there is a product that delivers the holy grail of supplements, a product that will let you lose body fat while putting on serious lean muscle. This product is perfect for anyone that is getting into contest shape or those of us that just want to look great on the beach. Safe for both men and women, Transform is the only product of its kind on the market today. Try one bottle of Transform; it will become a staple in your physique altering arsenal.


Others promised on a new stimulant, we delivered! You wanted something that not just “replaced” ephedrine, but is actually MORE potent at burning fat and getting you amped! With two new stimulants that will get you totally JACKED and shred you like nothing else on the market, we dare you to try SPEED just once. Take one dose of SPEED and you will be hooked. This potent stimulant combo will jack you through the stratosphere and make your workouts absolutely insane. One of the ingredients is even proven to increase contractile strength (lifts) and boost your energy through the roof. Only LegalGear can destroy everything else on the market and get you totally shredded.


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LegalGear does not condone the use of pro-hormones for anyone under 21. Please check with your governing body on the use of pro-hormones for amateur, collegiate or professional sports.

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